Embedded Systems Laboratory (ESL)

Northeastern University, 710 EXP.


710 EXP

815 Columbus Avenue
Boston, MA 02120

Welcome to the home page of the Embedded Systems Laboratory (ESL) at Northeastern University. The ESL research group was established by Professor Gunar Schirner in 2009. The lab is located at 710 EXP, Boston, MA. The members are affiliated with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Northeastern University.

The ESL group is tackling challenging design questions from many angles, including:

  1. Novel Architectures for Domain-Specific Computing,
  2. deployable artificial intelligence,
  3. System-Level Design Automation, and
  4. Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) Design.

Find more about our exciting research here.

To be more inclusive, our laboratory can also be referred to as \(ESL^3\) since the acronym ESL appears three times:

  1. Embedded Systems Laboratory - the name of the laboratory;
  2. Electronic System Level design automation - our research focus; and
  3. English as a Second Language - the diverse cultures and languages of our group members.